It’s more than just a cute little symbol.

What is Copyright?

The Federal Copyright Act gives copyright protection to “authors” for their original works. Copyright owners have the exclusive rights to make copies of the work, prepare other works based on the original, distribute copies of the work to the public by sale, rental, lease, or lending, and to publicly display the work. These rights are protected by laws which provide for damages and criminal penalties for violations. The client and the lab that violates copyright are subject to the law.

Who Owns What?

The law says the “author” (the person who created the image) is the owner of the copyright. If you decide to purchase the digital negatives from your session, you own the right to make unlimited reproductions of the images for personal use only.

Why all the fuss?

The primary reason is economic. We invest a great deal of time and creative energy in creating the experience, idea, theme, setting, pose, lighting, background, and extra shots to get the best image. If prints are obtained elsewhere, we lose the opportunity to recover funds for the effort expended. We are also concerned about our artistic integrity. Since our name is associated with the photos, we want complete quality control over the quality of the products and reprints.

So what can I do with my digital images?

The thumbdrive of images is for your viewing pleasure. You may put the images on your computer and you may print the photographs; you own the right to make unlimited reproductions of the images for personal use only. We recommend printing your photographs at Mpix!

Please don’t print your photos with unprofessional, uncalibrated printers such as Costco, Target or Walmart. We cannot be held responsible for the quality of those prints.

If your friends and family would like prints, please direct them to your online gallery, where they can purchase prints directly.

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