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Jessica & Hunter

We knew from the moment that we first met with Jessica and Hunter that their wedding was going to be a beautiful affair; elegance and glamour by the Newport seaside, …

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Meet Christine!

Christine Maus is here to bring kickass photography and bubblegum…and she just ran out of bubblegum. Never one to shy away from adventure, she once lived in a tree house …

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Meet Jamie!

One of the first thing you notice about Jamie Isherwood are her big, beautiful, blue eyes. Fortunately for us all, she uses those gorgeous baby blues for good and not …

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Meet Amy!

This is Amy Oman; Amy starts with an “A”, and that is also the first letter of “awesome”. Coincidence? No. Amy loves photography, but even more, she loves people. She …

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“When in Rome?”

We love taking on destination events – it elevates a wedding’s festive atmosphere to something like a romantic vacation for everyone invited. So when Nina and Dan booked us for …

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Not only do you get your high resolution, album-ready images, but you get them on these gorgeous custom-printed DVDs! Functional enough to use in your computer, stylish enough to leave …

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