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Miss F and Boudoir Session dates!

tasteful creative boudoir marathon in boston

It’s HERE! Our Spring dates announced for Boudoir Sessions! Come join us on Sunday, April 30th for a private one hour session, add hair and makeup for the whole experience. Great for wedding or anniversary gifts or a “treat yo’self”. Champagne provided, so bring your pals! Email to lock in your spot!

tasteful creative boudoir photography in boston

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Lovely Miss F joined us at our last Boudoir Sessions at our studio in Waltham, and she has generously shared a few highlights from her shoot. Word on the street is a lucky someone received an album of these, and he was quite* pleased! Special thanks to Deanna for the bombshell makeup! I loved photographing Miss F: she came in with a healthy dose of nerves, but I’m happy she left confident and with a giant smile on her face! She’s the sweetest, and I’m so glad another lovely bombshell convinced her to come in! Here’s what Miss F had to say!

Occupation: nanny/nursing student. (I went to esthetic school right after high school so I have my esthetics license, worked for a few years in the field and decided to go back for nursing).  My dream is to become a labor and delivery nurse.What are you most proud about?  I am most proud that I decided to go through with the shoot.  It’s a lot to think about..what will I wear? What if I don’t look good?  I’m so happy I went through with it.

Was the shoot what you were expecting?  It was so much more than I ever expected.  I’ve had a few friends share  experiences about their own shoots, which made me nervous going into it.  After a few clicks Lara showed me the camera and my reaction was “woah, that’s me?!”  She made me feel so comfortable and sexy.

How did you feel after the shoot?  I felt like a model honestly, and was so excited to see the photos.  Lara made me feel so beautiful and confident.  She is so much fun and made me laugh especially when I was feeling nervous.   I don’t think I stopped smiling for the rest of the day.

Would you recommend a boudoir shoot to friends? Absolutely! The shoot was so amazing and I think everyone should experience this feeling at some point in their life.  Plus you can look back years from now and say “damn! That’s me!”

Did you have a significant other view your photos? If yes, what was their reaction?  Yes, he was speechless at first and then his response was “wow!” This was a surprise gift for him so he wasn’t expecting it, and it was great watching his face as he was flipping each page.

Any parting words?  If you’re ever having second thoughts about doing a shoot, don’t!  I’m so happy that I went through with it, and wouldn’t change a thing!  I love how the photos came out and the whole experience was truly amazing!  Oh, and it helps that the photographer is the shit 🙂

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