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Boston Boudoir Session: Miss L

boston bridal boudoir session

This beautiful creature came into my life when she started working at the PR firm in the office nextdoor to my studio. A few run-ins by the bathroom and a few sarcastic remarks later, we were practically evil cackling together with inappropriate jokes over lunch by the end of the week. {don’t tell HR}. Having seen a few women come and go from my boudoir studio, and with her husband’s 30th birthday approaching, she asked what I thought about doing a shoot as a gift. OBVIOUSLY IT’S A GENIUS IDEA, and I knew she’d knock it out of the park – and she did. She’s also graciously shared some of her thoughts about the shoot!
* I can’t thank Miss L enough for being so generous and sharing these photos with other bombshells thinking about doing a shoot – I know it’s hard to imagine what these shoots are like, and the nerves can run high, but I thought this was a great example of what we do in an hour at our studio. Big thanks to Deanna for amazing hair and makeup.

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From Miss L:
It took multiple conversations with my sisters and friends to actually go through with this. I was scared shitless. So, I’m proud I pulled through…

I was a little nervous. I wasn’t ready to have someone see my nooks and crannies, but then I remembered Lara has this aura about her that makes you feel at ease. Like you’ve been doing this forever. She made me feel so comfortable and sexy.

After the shoot I felt amazing. I was SO excited to get the photos back and see what we did together. I felt empowered and beautiful.

I have already recommended doing one to multiple friends. I was so hesitant before about doing them, but now that I did one, I think every woman should.

I gave a book I ordered to my husband for his 30th birthday. A lot went into the book and I was nervous to give it to him. He was blown away. He kept saying, “Oh my god. Oh wow.” on every single page. He couldn’t believe I did a shoot and was completely surprised. When I asked him what he had to say for the blog he said, “It was the most beautiful gift he had ever received.”


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