Winter wonderland with K+J

labelle_winery_wedding 1

REMEMBER SNOW?! I’m packing up my gear and heading out the door for this Labelle Winery wedding today, but couldn’t resist sharing a few pics from their engagement shoot this past snowy winter! Seems like so long ago that this snow fell, especially today as the humidity sits on me. Kelly + Jameson put their trust in me {for better or worse, haha} and met me in Quincy, where I had driven by this crazy birch forest. Turns out, it’s a magical hidden beach with cliffs and vines – who knew! I’m really looking forward to today’s wedding with them: they’re so chill and incredibly sweet together. I’m very confident they’re going to be really really ridiculously good looking today. {please tell me you know that Zoolander reference?!} OK: that’s enough typing, I need to finish loading my gear in the car. SEE YOU TWO SOON!

labelle_winery_wedding 2
labelle_winery_wedding 3
labelle_winery_wedding 4
labelle_winery_wedding 5
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labelle_winery_wedding 9
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