Amanda + Joe are getting married!


GUESS WHO’S GETTING MARRIED TOMORROW?! These two!! {that would be weird if it was someone else and I just randomly posted pics of Amanda + Joe, haha} ANYWHO. I am pumped for this wedding. I remember getting an email from Amanda quite some time ago, asking if I was available for her wedding before she even had a date! I liked her enthusiasm, and we stayed in contact until she found a venue. Well she found an amazing one. I can’t wait to see these two say I do at Belle Mer. It’s going to be epic. CLEARLY these two are super photogenic. Although it’s hard to be cuter than their pup, “Rottweiler Bro”, he has his own hashtag on Insta, look him up! A+J: I’m counting down the minutes until I see you! Sleep tight tonight- it’s your last evening until you’re a husband and wife!! xoxo

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