Audrey + Brad at Tabor Academy


Sending love and hugs to Audrey + Brad as they celebrate their one year anniversary this week! Clearly* I’m behind on my blogging, but I couldn’t let another opportunity pass me by to share this warm and wonderful wedding. These two: welcomed me in and instantly made me feel like family. I photographed their rehearsal dinner the night before, hung out with their family and friends, and even dropped a few “that’s what she said” jokes with the groomsmen. So seeing them in the morning for the wedding was definitely like reconnecting with old friends. Audrey got ready at her mom’s ADORABLE little cottage in Marion, and all the festivities happened down the road at Audrey’s alma mater, Tabor Academy. There’s a wonderful vibe here: it’s laid back, the grounds are beautiful, and they have the awesome SAILING CENTER {above}. Couldn’t help but do a few portraits in front of this shingled beauty. And you cannot beat a sunset on the water, amiright?! Big thanks to our dear friend Cara at Dear Rose Studio for the impeccable coordinating of this wedding and her outrageously gorgeous calligraphy and paper goods. I think the shining piece was the custom flag on the flagpole and the full sail seating chart on the boat. So creative!

I’ll be reuniting with this fine couple in a few weeks when we photograph their maid of honor and super sweetie, Liz’s wedding on the Cape. I already know this crowd can bust a move, and I’m looking forward to Brad’s rendition of Poison. Like, I’m really excited and genuinely can’t wait. hahaha

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