Sabrina + Nik eloped!


It’s no secret I love couples that walk to the beat of their own drum. “We’re cutting the cheese instead of cutting the wedding cake”… SWEET! “My wedding party is carrying books instead of flowers”, AWESOME. “We’re playing the piano together in-lieu of a first dance”, SO FUN! So when Sabrina called me and said they were switching gears, the wedding was becoming too stressful and they were now eloping. I said… Well, first I said “Oh crap”… but then she informed me they still wanted photos, and I said “OMG RAD!”
I hear couples joke all the time, that they should just elope, WHELP. Sabrina and Nik DID it. And it was so unbelievably sweet, and beautiful – with their babies by their side, The JP and his wife, and Sabrina’s mom/baby wrangler, we had the Sagamore Beach on Cape Cod all to ourselves on a Friday evening! And as the mist came down, Sabrina + Nik smiled even more.
It takes courage to go with your gut, but you know what… when you do, it feels so right. Here’s to big love, and big balls. <–QUOTE.

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