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It’s HERE, can you feel it?! A tingle. A warmer breeze. BULBS. Spring is near, and that gets me excited for wedding season! It start in just two weeks for us around here, and I personally cannot wait. I’m looking through the list of awesome couples we’re going to photograph this summer and getting giggly excited. One of the weddings I’m psyched about: Max and Hollis and their Provincetown wedding this fall. These two live in NYC, but vacationed this past summer in P-town, so I drove down to meet them in person and to chill on the beach with them. I love the WAY these two make each other laugh. Max is understated. Scopes things out before he speaks, but shoots Hollis devilish looks which cracks her up. And Hollis beams joy. Just radiates, and it makes Max and me smile big time. I also adored her abstract painted dress <3. Hanging with these two during sunset and low tide was awesome- they even indulged me by climbing under the boardwalk where we found a MESSAGE IN A BOTTLE. FOR REAL. {It was addressed to William. We're still looking for him.} Anywho: Max + Hollis, I will be seeing you soon and looking forward to making new memories in Ptown with you!! 02_provincetown-wedding-engagement-tropical-beach

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