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Oh man, you guys. It has taken me forever to get this blog up! My trip to Africa! As some of you may know, that’s where I’m from and much of my family is still there. I think it was so hard to wrap my head around this trip and blog because it was so bittersweet. It was J’s, my husbands, first time visiting with me {people joke I make so much more sense once you visit Africa and meet my family, haha} so I was SO excited to show him around this beautiful, diverse and electrifying country. And at the same time, I lost my grandmother to pancreatic cancer two weeks before we arrived – she was the impetus for going this time around – and it was difficult being there without her. Even now, it’s hard to write this, but I’m so glad we went and I’m so happy to share these photos. My family is as bright, warm and energetic as the country, and it really does feel like coming home. South Africans have a dry, sarcastic sense of humor, they enjoy sun-downers {afternoon drinks}, are uninhibited and laugh LOUDLY. The food is amazing and you will not beat the landscapes anywhere. We started our journey in Johannesburg, then met up with my aunts for a safari outside of Durban in Hluhluwe, and finished with a week in Capetown. If YOU would like to visit South Africa, my aunts have recently opened their B&B and it’s amazing: you will not find better in Durban. I strongly recommend a visit! AND if you take me for beers sometime, I’ll share a terrifying story about the hyena below. 🙂 Special thanks to J for the few snaps of me. So weird to be on the other side of the camera. Enjoy.

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