Miss L: Boudoir Bombshell Bio


The women that cross my path by way of a boudoir shoot always amaze me. Each time. Every shoot. Their courage, their vulnerability, their pride, their trust. Honored is the only way to describe it. And when a beautiful lady approaches you with an amazing idea for a fashion inspired photoshoot- you take that opportunity. Meet Miss L. A 36 year old creative director and entrepreneur. And read on to find out why she chose to do this shoot, and what her boyfriend had to say.


What are you most proud about?
That the vision Lara and I had in mind came together so spot on. I wanted a unique setting and a few very different looks that fit a theme. Fortunately, a friend with an amazing mid-century furniture studio, Studio Twenty Two, let us use her space. And everything came together pretty much as I wanted it to – if not better. Hair, makeup, outfits, the unbelievable space, the props.

Was the shoot what you were expecting?
I’ve worked with Lara for years so I know to expect her to be awesome, make me feel comfortable/hot, come up with unique angles and give the perfect direction. Also: she is so much fun. And is willing to go for it. “Hey, the light is so beautiful right now – let’s go to the roof!” I’m in!

How did you feel after the shoot?
Pretty sexy, I’m not going to lie. I *may* even have worn one of the outfits under a fur coat over to my boyfriend’s house. Just saying.

Would you recommend a boudoir shoot to friends?
YES. Not only Would I but I have been. I tell everyone this comes up in conversation with: Do it. Your nerves will go away, you will have a great time, and Lara will capture your hotness. Cuz you are, ladies!

Did you have a significant other view your photos?
If yes, what was their reaction? Yes. I purchased a book for him for Valentine’s Day. The reactions were: “That’s. Totally. MY Girlfriend! I’m SO lucky!” “Are you kidding me right now?”

Any parting words?
Do it. And when you do, go balls to the wall with it. This is not something you’re going to do every day so make it epic. Also: trust your photographer. Her vision and experience are not to be doubted. Genius!


Special Thanks to Danielle Coates for hair and makeup!

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