Veronica & Ryan’s modern romance

With all the craziness that can surround a wedding and planning it’s easy to get swept up in it all, but Veronica & Ryan never lost sight of what is important: family and each other. Their Wychmere Beach Club wedding incorporated traditions from both sides of their families and was accented with beautiful details. V&R are the BEST kind of clients, the ones that are SUPER excited for their wedding, and listen and trust their vendors. Everyone we spoke to said how much they loved these two and we couldn’t agree more! Our talented Studio mate, Someone Creative, did these gorgeous custom silkscreened invitations below, and our girl, Cara at Dear Rose Studio, did the fabulous calligraphy origami boat name cards. See below for the rest of the team! OBVIOUSLY I was obsessed with all the GOLD details, from the Louboutin shoes, to the invites, the name cards and that CAKE. I was in heaven. Veronica & Ryan, we love you guys, thanks for such a fun day!

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From V:

Shoes: Christian Louboutin

Dress: Judd Waddel

Bridesmaids: Dessy Group

Hair and Makeup: Layla at Hairapy

Flowers: designer’s Touch Florals

Cake: Kelly Field, The Casual Gourmet

Invitations: Someone Creative

Name Cards: Dear Rose Studio

Bride’s sash: Jamie Abigail, Grace bridal

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