Davey is here!

There are few things more heart warming than being invited to document the next chapter in a family’s life. I was pretty sure we hit the jackpot last August when we photographed Julie & Dave’s wedding in Provincetown, MA… that is until I arrived at their home and Met Davey. At just two week’s old, Davey is alert, extremely tolerant of my shutter clicks, and utterly loved by mom & dad AND big doggie brother, Hank. It’s no surprise Davey worked the camera, he’s a natural like his folks and possibly the luckiest kid around: with parents like Julie & Dave he will be surrounded with kisses, laughter, and of course love. I’m excited for this new little family.

boston_newborn_portrait01 boston_newborn_portrait02 boston_newborn_portrait03 boston_newborn_portrait04 boston_newborn_portrait05 boston_newborn_portrait06 boston_newborn_portrait07

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