Leslie & Andrew: house party

An hour before we arrive at Leslie & Andrew’s house, I get a call. It’s Leslie. “Hey, soooo I have a black eye, but don’t freak out, it’s fine and I have preparation H on it. I’m just getting home now, so I’m going to hop in the shower. See you soon, it’s going to be awesome!” This is Leslie- full contact, energy for days, eternal optimist.
And she was right, everything WAS awesome. Better than awesome actually, and how could it not be? Andrew and Leslie met YEARS ago on a rowing team. Life brought them in different directions, but thank goodness their stars aligned once more because these two… Man, they are SO meant to be together. You cannot do anything except smile when you’re around them.
If you scroll down a ways, there’s a photo of them walking away from the ceremony: Andrew was overheard saying, “this is the best day ever, all my friends are together, the music is awesome, and I have a WIFE”.
Their friends and family clearly love them as much as we do too- they participated in the ceremony, and each created one of the 25 centerpieces for the couple… and the toasts had us crying with laughter.
We’re so glad you two invited us to New Jersey to be a part of this day. It seriously still makes me smile to think about it.

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