Whitney & Jason in VT!

Some fun facts about this wedding: the groom wore Birkenstocks, the bridesmaids wore horse heads, and Hobbs the dog was the ring bearer. I could just stop there: that’s surely enough information to get across the point that Jason and Whitney are PURE FUN. These two are easy like Sunday morning, and their Boyden Valley Farm wedding was the perfect venue for this outdoorsy couple. Top that off with their adorable families: Whit’s dad seeing her for the first time: OMG WE ALL CRIED. And the bridesmaids entering the dance floor in horse heads to the tune of “Save a horse, ride a cowboy”… seriously genius. Enjoy!

boyden_valley_farm_VT_wedding01 boyden_valley_farm_VT_wedding02 boyden_valley_farm_VT_wedding03 boyden_valley_farm_VT_wedding04 boyden_valley_farm_VT_wedding05 boyden_valley_farm_VT_wedding06 boyden_valley_farm_VT_wedding07boyden_valley_farm_VT_wedding08 boyden_valley_farm_VT_wedding09 boyden_valley_farm_VT_wedding10 boyden_valley_farm_VT_wedding11 boyden_valley_farm_VT_wedding12 boyden_valley_farm_VT_wedding13 boyden_valley_farm_VT_wedding14 boyden_valley_farm_VT_wedding15

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