K&P winter wonderland wedding

K&P: Winter Wonderland Wedding

If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em. That’s my attitude when it came to this winter in Boston… you know, the one that is STILL going on. {can you believe it snowed on Wednesday?!? in mid-MARCH!!!} I’m clearly South African at my core because I’m not equipped for the cold, but K&P’s winter wedding at Boston’s Ritz Carlton is very close to changing my mind.
Their ceremony at St. Cecilia’s church in the Back Bay was intimate and special- surrounded only by their family members, and they were greeted warmly by friends at the Ritz Carlton. But not before they were gracious enough to entertain our CRAZY idea of portraits in front of the State House, where K&P met. I have to say we were thrilled to have the snow falling that day. It complimented K’s wedding vision to a tee, and made warming up afterwards that much more special and romantic!

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