Miss H: boudoir bombshell bio

I am SO excited to share this boudoir shoot! And I am even more grateful to the amazing Miss H for her immense generosity in allowing me to share it! I knew it was going to be amazing: we photographed Miss H’s wedding, and she’s an effortless beauty. She’s kind,  intelligent, and has the best laugh. It’s loud and honest, she grins from ear to ear and it’s completely contagious.
We spent the whole shoot brainstorming together, trying on different outfits and chasing the sun around the studio.
The shoot had a purpose: a book. A book that was to be Mr. H’s Christmas present and with that in mind Miss H brought his favorite tank top, a sheer little number that’s just the right amount of casual and flirty. We also photographed the fuzzy cardigan he loves her in, and the piece de resistance: his guitar. A Fender Starcaster that he will never look at the same way ever again.

My inspiration for this shoot, I have to admit, is Lana Del Rey. Let me know if you see it too.


Age: 34 this month
Occupation: Software Engineer wrangler, motivator, un-blocker, “get stuff done” person


What are you most proud about?

With regards to this shoot, probably keeping it a secret from my husband. I was so excited and I love sharing things with him. Lara and Kate are also such happy parts of our wedding  that it was something I wanted to talk about with him. I also tend to be a hint dropper around presents and things because I just get too excited. But, I managed to keep it a total secret – not even a fraction of a hint – and sneak his guitar out of the house (and back in) right under his nose without him ever knowing. Points for me!

Was the shoot what you were expecting?

Yes, and then some. I knew Lara and I were going to have a blast and I knew I wouldn’t be able to laugh enough throughout. Lara totally got what I was going for and ran with it – I felt like it was a collaboration and she was having as much fun as I was. I felt like myself the whole time and also like a total rockstar the whole time.


How did you feel after the shoot?

Giddy with feeling great about myself. Giddy with anticipation of what the shots were going to look like, of how my husband was going to react. Full of ideas for the fantasy next shoot with Lara. (I’m giddy just writing this.)

Would you recommend a boudoir shoot to friends?

I would recommend a shoot with Lara and Kate to everyone – and have. It is an incredibly fun and empowering experience and I think it allows women to feel a certain way about themselves that often we don’t get to feel – or don’t feel comfortable feeling. We should all get that. So, as much for yourself as for sharing with someone special, it is a great gift to give.


Did you have a significant other view your photos? If yes, what was their reaction?

I gave the album to my husband Christmas morning. It was hilarious and fun. He was totally shocked and had a running commentary for each page and really was beyond excited.


Any parting words?

I probably have a million of how great this was and how I think everyone should just take the plunge…so as to summarize – it was great, you’ll feel awesome, so just do it. (oh, also a great motivator if you have been thinking about wanting to change up your work out, or add a work out or try something new. I dove into a new yoga practice which I had been putting off (for various anxieties or insecurities) head on and got an added boost of feeling proud of myself for that too. Side effects: positive.)


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