Pip & Pink’s WILD wedding

Pip & Pink got married. In South Africa. On Safari. I’m going to let that sink in for a second.
We spent four days at the amazing Springbok Lodge at Nambiti, it was straight up Glamping! {glamorous camping} With large canvas tents, outdoor showers, gourmet food! And after dinner you’d go back to your tent, and someone {mysterious lover, perhaps?} draws you a bath, with flower petals and candles!! My sister, whom I was bunking with on this trip, and I found this particularly romantic 😉 and just a little bit creepy. But back to the couple:
Pip & Pink had planned a surprise ceremony on Safari! Their 18 guests and I piled into the cars for an afternoon game drive. It was cold {I know, in Africa!} and had been POURING rain all day. I had also gone out on the 6am game drive earlier in the pouring rain- you’d think the animals would be hiding, but we saw so many amazing {and CLOSE} lions and elephants and rhino! Be sure to check out my personal blog on this! Pip & Pink had casually asked everyone to wear jeans and white shirts and provided everyone with purple pashminas! The game drivers had been in communication with one another and had scoped out a known lions’ den, in these beautiful ruins. After making sure there definitely we NOT any lions to be seen, the cars pulled over and I witnessed one of the most beautiful and intimate ceremonies. Pip & Pink’s love for one another emanates and was shared by all their friends who had flown from all over the world to witness their ceremony. Four days spent with this lovely group- I felt so lucky! The ceremony was short and sweet, and just as we thought the rains might actually fall, the skies parted and the sun came out! The group enjoyed champagne and cake and then we all climbed back in the cars for the rest of the game drive and sunset!! I SWEAR I’m not making this up, but as the sun was going down, a rainbow appeared! And then two huge male lions and a lioness came out of the golden grasses. I thought it was watching a movie. It was amazing. And frankly, was just the icing on the cake of an amazing day. We all went back to lodge for dinner and drinks and wonderful music. Enjoy!


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