Cape Town & more!

Did somebody say wine?! Man, I knew I was going to like this trip. Do yourself a favor and track down a South African Pinotage. It’s a fabulous earthy and fruity red: you will be hooked, I promise. And secondly, get yourself over to Cape Town’s wine country. It’s stunningly beautiful, oh, and there’s WINE. And it’s so affordable- I was so sad I couldn’t bring a case home with me, but due to my luggage already* being overweight {c’mon I totally needed 13 pairs of shoes for this trip}…I’ll just have to go back. I will post the links to the wineries we visited soon… I have to check and see where we went because I was an EXPERT wine taster, and did not write it down… haha
We also visited Lesedi Village for some QT with traditional African dancers, and a healthy sampling of mopane worms. For the record, yes I ate those. And no, they do not taste good.

Be sure to check out my MONDO blog on Nambiti and our safari adventures. And of course Pip & Pink’s wedding on said safari! The whole reason we went!!


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Pip & Pink got married. In South Africa. On Safari.…
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