Hillary & Paul: beach romance

When we pulled up to the beautiful Tower House Bed and Breakfast in Narragansett, Rhode Island, we knew we were in for a treat. Not only are Hillary and Paul just the sweetest clients around, but they’d picked the loveliest spots to get ready in! My eyes just about popped out of my head when I saw that Hill was going to be wearing a gold Nicole Miller as her wedding gown – if there’s one thing I love, it’s color in a wedding dress – a blush gown, a gold gown… you name it, I love it. Their day couldn’t have been any more perfect: everyone had chipped in to help, from all of their friends, who brought the desserts for the reception (including one incredibly talented family friend who made the gorgeous cake!), to Hillary’s mom, who picked all of the flowers and helped Hill to make the bouquets and boutonnieres for everyone. Check out their images below!

tower_house_bed_and_breakfast_wedding_1 tower_house_bed_and_breakfast_wedding_2 © Studio Nouveau 2012 tower_house_bed_and_breakfast_wedding_4 tower_house_bed_and_breakfast_wedding_5 tower_house_bed_and_breakfast_wedding_6 tower_house_bed_and_breakfast_wedding_7 tower_house_bed_and_breakfast_wedding_8 © Studio Nouveau 2012 tower_house_bed_and_breakfast_wedding_10 tower_house_bed_and_breakfast_wedding_11 tower_house_bed_and_breakfast_wedding_12 tower_house_bed_and_breakfast_wedding_13 tower_house_bed_and_breakfast_wedding_14 tower_house_bed_and_breakfast_wedding_15 tower_house_bed_and_breakfast_wedding_16 © Studio Nouveau 2012 tower_house_bed_and_breakfast_wedding_18 tower_house_bed_and_breakfast_wedding_19 tower_house_bed_and_breakfast_wedding_20 tower_house_bed_and_breakfast_wedding_21 tower_house_bed_and_breakfast_wedding_22 tower_house_bed_and_breakfast_wedding_23

From Hillary:
Wedding Gown: Nicole Miller
Shoes: Married barefoot! I love it 🙂
Hair: Hillary styled it herself with help from her sisters-in-law
Makeup: Hillary, but with advice from Laura at the Chestnut Hill Bloomingdales Bobbi Brown counter
Flowers: Hillary and her mom, with flowers picked from their gardens
DJ: Hill and Paul made music mixes, played on a sound system
Caterer: Sonya of Green Gal Catering
Cake and desserts: Friends of family
Wedding invitations: Hill and Paul found vintage-esque Narragansett postcards and hand-wrote notes to all of their guests!

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