Alex & Jonathan: so this is love

When I tell you that Alex and Jonathan’s wedding was DIY, let me take a moment to explain. There’s DIY, and then there’s Alex and Jonathan’s level of DIY. There are people who are artsy-crafty, and then there are people who look at a beautiful cathedral-length veil in a bridal shop – with lace and a blusher –  and say  “I can do that better.” And that’s what Alex and her mom, Maggie, said. I mean, we’re talking real skills here! Her mom also sewed all of the groomsmen’s vests and pocket squares, not to mention creating unbelievable silk floral bouquets for the girls that looked so real that we had to touch them to see if we were imagining things! And Maggie’s not the only talented lady to contribute to Alex and Jon’s day. Alex’s bridesmaid Julie, a fashion designer, created Alex’s bridal shoes just for her Cinderella theme, and also to be her “something blue.” Check out their photos below!

Devens_Common_Center_DIY_MA_wedding_1 Devens_Common_Center_DIY_MA_wedding_2 Devens_Common_Center_DIY_MA_wedding_3 Devens_Common_Center_DIY_MA_wedding_4 Devens_Common_Center_DIY_MA_wedding_5 Devens_Common_Center_DIY_MA_wedding_6 Devens_Common_Center_DIY_MA_wedding_7 © Studio Nouveau 2012 Devens_Common_Center_DIY_MA_wedding_9 Devens_Common_Center_DIY_MA_wedding_10 Devens_Common_Center_DIY_MA_wedding_11 Devens_Common_Center_DIY_MA_wedding_12 © Studio Nouveau 2012 Devens_Common_Center_DIY_MA_wedding_14 Devens_Common_Center_DIY_MA_wedding_15 © Studio Nouveau 2012 Devens_Common_Center_DIY_MA_wedding_17 Devens_Common_Center_DIY_MA_wedding_18 Devens_Common_Center_DIY_MA_wedding_20 Devens_Common_Center_DIY_MA_wedding_21 Devens_Common_Center_DIY_MA_wedding_22 © Studio Nouveau 2012

From Alex:

Wedding gown: Mikaella Bridal

Hair and makeup: Danielle Coates

Event planner: A family friend, Susan Staretorp, helped coordinate day of tasks.

Maid of Honor’s gown: Watters

Bridesmaids’ gowns: Impressions

Flowers: Alex and her mother designed the bouquets and the florals for the reception and Karen Ufnal of Woodman’s Florist in Milford, NH designed the corsages and boutonnieres, as well as ceremony pieces for the church.

DJ: Move It Music

Invitations: Down2Earth Paperworks

Guest Book Puzzle: Inspire Me Designs

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