Never stop learning!

If it’s one thing I’ve learned as a business owner, it’s to NEVER stop learning. That’s why I’m so grateful to have a wonderful resource in Boston like the Design Salon. We’re a group of talented women business owners in the creative industry, and once a month the group gets together to discuss design, business, and everything in between. I was particularly excited about last night’s meeting which focused on “selling”. Erin Gates from Elements of Style {one of my FAVORITE design blogs} AND her husband Andrew, who works in sales, talked about their different approaches. Like Erin, who is an interior designer , I “sell myself”. {not in a dirty way}. So I was interested to hear if she had the same squeamish reaction I do when it comes time to talking about money! It can be really difficult as an artist to place a monetary value on your time and talents. Truth be told, I would do my job for free… all the time. I LOVE being a photographer, and I LOVE shooting weddings and boudoir, but I think my husband would be somewhat displeased if I didn’t pull my weight in the paying-bills-department. And honestly, after many years at this business that I love, I think my work deserves to be valued.. a lot, ha! AND SO, I went to hear how Erin does it! She was great, super open and honest {she’s squeamish too} but had some really relevant and practical solutions for pricing your time and loving your clients. Last nights’ meeting was at the gorgeous Twelve Chairs in Southie. If you haven’t been over there, do yourself a favor and pop in- their curated shop is TO DIE FOR. I photographed some eye-candy for you. Enjoy! xo L


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