Meet Christine!

Christine Maus is here to bring kickass photography and bubblegum…and she just ran out of bubblegum. Never one to shy away from adventure, she once lived in a tree house in the jungle of St. John’s BVI, and now she and her husband have 3 little kids. We’re not quite sure which of those two escapades is more death-defying! Always learning and evolving, she received her bachelors degree in interior architecture, then went back and got a masters degree in education. She now uses that knowledge to incorporate all of those amazing architectural details she sees into her photographs. Christine’s big personality is accompanied by a big sense of humor, and easily puts everyone around her at ease. The joy she creates leap right out of her photos, through your eyeballs, and into the happiness center in your brain. So therefore, Christine’s photos make you happier – it’s science!


And you can check out some of that science in action! See, aren’t you happier after seeing these?!


Want Christine at your wedding?! We knew it. Contact the Studio to see more of this eye candy and to get more info!

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