Meet Amy!

This is Amy Oman; Amy starts with an “A”, and that is also the first letter of “awesome”. Coincidence? No. Amy loves photography, but even more, she loves people. She loves you. Yes, you reading this right now. She might not have even met you yet, but she loves you! Her passion for people and life is obvious every time she snaps the shutter. Once upon a time, Amy worked for a global market research company, but a twist of fate found her studying photography at the BU Center for Digital Imaging Arts in 2011, and she hasn’t looked back since. An ever-sweet and positive presence, we often hear Amy exclaim her favorite phrase “Who’s excited?!”, and to that we answer “We are, Amy. We are.”


Fortunately for us,  Amy is not only a lovely person, but also her photography work rocks too! Check out some of her eye candy wedding photos!


For more information on the lovely Miss Amy and to see more work, contact the Studio!

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