A photographer bares all

it became a running joke: I would pack my gear, charge my batteries, wash the sheets and prepare to shoot the next day’s Boudoir Marathon at the Studio. J would kind of wink at me from the living room, and in a nonchalant kind of way ask if I was going to get in front of the camera. “Yeah Right” I would say, “have you SEEN what I look like after shooting all day?!”
As I’m dressing for work {standard leggings and leopard print} J would see me pull on my oh-so-comfortable granny panties {c’mon, I’m working!} and I could see that little glimmer of hope wither and die.
So, it’s Monday August 6th, I’m finalizing details for J’s 30th birthday party that Friday and it hits me, I’ve promised I wouldn’t “get him” anything, but really, what fun is that?! I call Kate and ask what she’s doing tomorrow- cuz I gotta plan!

The pressure’s on: I’ve been talking the boudoir talk for years. “C’mon girls, it’s easy”, “be proud of those assets”, “give me ‘that look'”, “you’ll look gorgeous”… but now it was time to walk the boudoir walk. So there I was, standing in the studio, asking Kate “which outfit? I bet men invented these garter belts” and trying to make my thighs not touch. I always said I needed to lose 40 pounds before I would get in front of the camera, but you know what? At some point, you just have to be OK. And with that, ladies and gentlemen, with J’s permission, some nerves on my part, and Kate cheering me on: I give you, MY BOUDOIR shoot.
Aside from color correcting, I refrained from “photoshopping”. I didn’t “liquify” anything, and I didn’t take out any smile lines. Because J loves a woman with curves. And maybe I do too.

And here’s my very own Boudoir Bombshell Bio:
Age: 29 going on 46
Occupation: Co-owner and principal photographer at Studio Nouveau

What are you most proud about?
I’m very proud of my business! Studio Nouveau has been my labor of love since 2006 and although there are days I want to pull my hair out, it’s incredibly rewarding and I feel very lucky to be “one of those” that truly love their jobs. I rank grad school among one of those things you just do for yourself even though it’s hard. and I’m also a proud new home owner {find me on instagram for the “projects”} Hmm, I guess I like pain, huh?

Was the shoot what you were expecting?
Well, considering I’ve photographed over 100 boudoir shoots, you’d think I’d know what I was in for, but no one can prepare you to be on the other side of the lens, in your underwear no less. It took me a few minutes of genuine jitters {and not breathing so my gut wasn’t hanging out}, but when I relaxed and had fun I think the confidence came out!

How did you feel after the shoot?
SO EXCITED! I was really proud for doing it, and even more proud and excited to give J the photos! I KNEW this year I would actually surprise him! Having had some time since the shoot, and looking at the photos {after three Thanksgivings this past weekend} I’m so happy I have these. I feel confident looking at them, I think I look pretty, and that’s a weird thing to say, never mind write, but I love them. Kate did an amazing job, and I’m taking credit too: I worked what my mama gave me!

Would you recommend a boudoir shoot to friends?
Are you kidding me?! I can think of a handful of people I’m going to INSIST do these shoots. SO often we can’t get out of our own way or we see ourselves in a particular light. I always make a face in photos because I’ve always been “the funny one”, so it was enlightening to take this seriously {kind of} and be pretty and proud! Gah I’m so sappy, but seriously, you need to do one of these shoots.

Did you have a significant other view your photos? If yes, what was their reaction?
J was silent. I had had the book shipped to our house with his name on it, and as he opened he said “what’s this?” I played dumb. He sat there for what felt like forever turning the pages and could only manage one other question, “when did you do this?!”. A few days later I made him open the book again and act super excited and happy and less speechless 😉

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