Miss J: Boudoir Bombshell

Hooray! We continue with our riveting Boudoir Bombshell Bios series! We’re excited to share this month’s covergirl, Miss J! We’re constantly amazed by the smart and beautiful women who grace our studio, and Miss J is no exception, read on!
Age: 29
Occupation: Copywriter for T.J.Maxx (yes, I’m a Maxxinista®).
What are you most proud of?
I’m most proud of two things. One – that I actually have a career doing what I went to school for. It very rarely happens these days…that people end up where they wanted to. It makes me feel like I got my moneys worth for my college education. Two – that my husband and I have managed to maintain and grow our relationship over the last 10 years. We were only 19 when we met and have since graduated college and bought a home together. Sometimes I just can’t believe I’m married to the boy who caught my eye across the salad bar in the dorm cafeteria.

What made you sign up for a boudoir shoot?
I’ve always admired the work of Studio Nouveau and when I noticed the ladies started doing boudoir shoots, I thought it would be a great Valentines Day gift for my husband. But also, we hope to have babies soon and I figured that I’ll never look the way I do now…so why not?!

Was the shoot what you were expecting?
I think I expected the shoot to be harder. I thought I would feel uncomfortable and nervous, but I really didn’t. Lara did a great job of getting me to relax and feel sexy. A few glasses of champagne beforehand didn’t hurt either!

How did you feel after the shoot?
After the shoot I felt liberated, sexy, and proud of myself for doing something outside of my comfort zone. I absolutely love the images, they are exactly what I hoped for and my husband loves them too!

Would you recommend a boudoir shoot to friends?
I HAVE recommended boudoir shoots to friends. I even encouraged my mother to do one! (She hasn’t yet, but I’m working on her 🙂

Did you have a significant other view your photos?
Yes, I had an album made for my husband for Valentine’s Day. He was so surprised because he had no idea I had done it, and he loved the images (especially the ones in the Patriots jersey)…he keeps the album in his nightstand :).

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